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COVID-19 Vaccines - Important Questions


Despite the US's scattershot response to the pandemic, progress is being made toward a new vaccine. In response to Pfizer's announcing a new COVID-19 vaccine, Kaiser Health News has posed 5 quetsions that should be answered before its distrubution. Also, Dr. Fauci has announced that a new vaccine could be widely available by April.

Hi, my name is Ed Ikorn. I'm the founder of the healing American healthcare coalition and I'd like to share with you some information from our newsletter, the three minute read. The three minute read is a publication that we provide to our members that summarizes important articles and research topics twice a month. First article I'd like to share with you is about the release of the information about the fiser covid vaccine that came out on November ten. This article was written by Arthur Allen at the Kaiser Health News. He asked five questions that should be answered before the vaccine is distributed to the public. The first one is how long will the vaccine protect patients? There were nearly fortyzero people in the trial. Ninety four of them got sick, but fiser didn't indicate how they got sick and how well they are after their illnesses. The study doesn't indicate... long protection will last or how often boosters may be needed in the future. The second question was will it protect the most vulnerable? It's important to know the age groups of the volunteers who receive the vaccine scene and the outcome of vaccines, development of antibodies in these volunteers to determine how it will work in a number of different age groups. Three, can it be rolled out effectively? It must be kept super cool, to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. FISER has developed a system to transport the vaccine in specially designed cases and refrigerator units, and mishandling of the vaccine from manufacture to delivery to a patient would render it in effective. So it's very important to know how the vaccine could be rolled out to rural parts of America and other parts of the world. Other vaccines that are under development also need to be kept in refrigerated units,...

...but most of them do not need to be kept to such cold temperatures. For could a premature announcement hurt future vaccines? The quick approval that is expected by the FDA could make it harder for other manufacturers vaccines to compete and complete their studies. More trials are important because vaccines will be needed to meet the global demand. In our country alone, over seven hundred million vaccine shots would have to be administered because most of the vaccines will re choir to administrations. The last question is, could the fiser study expedite future vaccines scientists are interested in whether those who receive the vaccine but still got sick produced lower levels of antibodies than those who remained well. This could help public health officials to determine if other vaccines under production were effective without having to test them in thousands of...

...people. With respect to this study, former FDA deputy commissioner, Dr Joshua Sharfelstein's said he hopes that this makes people realize that there's hopecoming, whether it's this vaccine or another. Second Article We'd like to share with you is an interview with Dr Fouchi, who says the COVID vaccine could be widely available by April. This article was written by Brittany Bowker of the Boston Globe. In the interview that he gave to Jake Tapper on CNN, Dr Fouchy stated that vaccines have to go through a tried and true process of prioritization and the fiser vaccine could be available to everyone in our country by April of two thousand and twenty one. He anticipates health providers will be the highest priority for the vaccine, followed by people who have underlying Comorbid conditions that could put them at high...

...risk of serious infection, followed by the elderly. In an NBC interview, Dr Fouchy said I trust fisor and the FDA. If they say this data is solid, then I promise I will take the vaccine and I will recommend that my family take it as well. Tmr Or three minute read. Perspective on these articles is that they recap some of the progress made, despite the speed bumps encountered in America's scattershot response to the pandemic. Even at lower mortality rates, the virus is five times deadlier than the seasonal flu. We recommend, as the CDC does, that we all wear masks and practice social distancing. Well. I want to thank you for listening to our podcast today. If you'd like to learn more about the healing American healthcare coalition, please visit our website at healing America Healthcare Dot Org and learn more about the services that...

...we can provide to you. Thanks and have a good day.

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