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The Healing American Healthcare Podcast

Episode 17 · 1 year ago

COVID Crisis in India & Other Countries


John Dalton & Ed Eichhorn share and discuss recent articles surrounding the escalating pandemic situations in India, Brazil & Hungary. They also touch on developing health concerns as a result of the pandemic and an update on Biden’s ongoing relief efforts. 

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Welcome to the three minute read podcasts. I'm John Dalton, editor of the twice monthly newsletter of the healing American healthcare coalition. Joining me once again is Ed Ikorn, the coalition's cofounder and Co author of healing American healthcare, a plan to provide quality care to all while saving one trillion a year the morning. John. Good to be with you again. Thanks, ed, together Ed and I have nearly a century of healthcare experience and we're still trying to figure it out. It's really complicated. You can find our background and contact information at the end of the podcast. Ed and I launched the three minute read and watched two thousand and twenty to summarize some of the critical issues affecting busy clinicians and physicians as they struggle through this pandemic. Today we're here to discuss the thirty issue of the three minute read, so let's dig in. We summarize six articles in April second issue. The first dealt with the President Biden, achieving his goal of two hundred million vaccinations in his first hundred days, and that was followed by three articles describing some of the pandemic struggles in India. Brazil and hungry. I will discuss those articles and then Ed will follow with some clues as to where a telehealth is headed and a glimpse at the adverse impact of treatment delays that have been happening during the pandemic. So let's begin with Biden says goal of two hundred million covid nineteen vaccinations in a hundred days has been met. And this is published April twenty. First written by Bryan Naylor of NPR, National Public Radio, and asked Americans. I received two hundred million vaccinations since he took office. That's double his campaign's initial goal of a hundred million in his first hundred days. Happily, eighty percent...

...of Americans over sixty five, including ED and I, have received at least one shot. We've both been fully vaccinated. More than half of all the Delta Americans have received at least one shock. All Americans sixteen and older now our eligible to receive the vaccine. So Biden also an asked the availability of tax credits to employers who give their workers paid lead to get a shot. What he said was, quote, no working American should lose a single dollar from their pacheck because they're doing the patriotic duty to get vaccinated. Sare's a lot happening. This is actually about ninety one days into his first hundred days when we hit the two hundred million mark. When Biden took office on January twenty. On that day, four thousand three hundred Nady Americans were reported dead from covid nineteen throughout April. That's a dawn to about seven hundred fifty a day. On January twenty, sixteen and a half million doses have been administered since December fourteen, when the first dose was a minister to a nurse in Queens New York. Since then, as of today, there are two hundred and thirty seven million doses that have been administered. So the good news is that cases, deaths and hospitalizations all are declining. There is more needed to be done. So our take on this article is that Biden made a promise and that promise has been kept. Also, the administration, this from the detailed articles, is calling for employers to incentivise their employees to get their shots. So that includes by giving them discounts and through product giveaways. There's a survey that indicates that nearly a quarter of Americans who do not plan to get vaccinated. These are the people are hesitating the vaccine. They say they would have they got paid, lead, gift cards, cash bonuses or other incentives. Well, that's happening. I saw some articles this week, one of...

...this morning from modern healthcare. Sign of, the major health insurer, is offering employees two hundred dollars to get vaccinate. West Virginia is giving hundred dollars saving bonds the two young adults who get vaccinated. You Cleveland Krispy Kreme is offering a don note a day to folks to get vaccinated, and in some states marijuana dispensaries are offering joints for jabs. The next two articles really talk about some of the challenges that still remain in the pandemic. This was the front page, first lead article last Sunday's Times. It was a lengthy and detailed article titled as Covid Nineteen Devastates India. Deaths go undercounting by for journalists. Jeffrey Gettlman is chief of The Times of Bureau in New Delhi. Indian began with a harsh initial lockdown last year and seem to have the pandemic under control unfortunately, now is second way. Is ravaging the country with over three hundredzero new cases daily, and hospitals are running out of oxygen's and capacity beds. Many experts of doubt the accuracy of India's official covid nineteen death toll of nearly two hundredzero. And let's look at some of the reasons why. For example, University of Michigan Epid demeologists of Bal Mida and Mooker G has been following the situation closely. He's an India expert. Quote from all the modeling we've done, we believe that the true number of deaths is two to five times what's being reported. So that would be a range of somewhere from four hundredzero deaths to a million deaths in the country of one point four billion people. Now, cremations are an important part of Hindu burial rituals and cremations are seen as a way to free the soul from a body, and crematoriums throughout India have been backed up with demand for cremations exceeding their ability to do so. The Times journalist that interviews with staffs a crematoriums throughout the country and in...

...most cases, the common thread was we've never seen so many people dying so quickly. They confirmed, though, that in most cases they are instructed to put Bimari, which is sickness in Hindi, on the death certificates. Now this runs completely contract to the World Health organizations instructions to all of its member countries that death be recorders covid nineteen related if the disease is assumed to have caused or contributed to it. And for many of these cases these are people who died from covid like symptoms. So clearly the deaths are being undercamped and the disease is ravaging India. Now politics has entered the equation. Some states controlled by Prime Minister nerndermonies party may be facing pressure to under report. Back in two thousand and nineteen his government tried to suppress data showing increased unemployment. So there's a political pressures to not report that's is covid related. And either way it's a tragy and the devastation is raging even as we speak. What's most troubling is that India's runaway surge is also being driven by the Invergence of a double mutants and that's particularly troubling. One part of that mutation is like the South African variant, which is highly very land the other is like the variant that raised to southern California a few months ago. So it's combination is both highly transmissible, so it's highly contagious and it's more virulent than the variance that we've been fighting. So India is in deep trouble and hopefully will come out of that soon. Brazil another country part of the developing world. I think most of us have heard the term bricks, the Rori se s of the years. That's Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Those are considered to be the major of large countries that are developing, the not part of the fully developed world. So Brazil battles coronavirus with a Chinese...

...vaccine. Even the Chinese concede could be better. This article is in the Washington Post April fifteen, written by Heloisa Triano and terrence McCoy. Brazil has been using China's coronavirus vaccine to inoculate this population, but they only learned recently that China is considering changes to its vaccines. To quote solve the problem that the efficacy is not high. The vaccine is seventy eight percent effective in protecting against moderate and severe covid nineteen cases, but only fifty percent effected against all cases. The attempts to control covid nineteen spread throughout Brazil have been undone by political divisions, governmental ineptitude, poverty and apathy, and of less every once. You've seen occasionally highlighting the news various parts of Brazil, Manal's south, Paulo Rio, where the disease has been raging. Brazil now is losing about three thousand lives daily, similar to India, and new variants are storming the country. Brazilian president, all snarrow has been skeptical of all vaccines, so that hasn't helped. That's adding to vaccine has ency among his population. Somebody may remember bill scenarrow's visit to Morralago march seven. Two Thousand and twenty brought with it the covid virus and Sea of the members of the Brazilian delegation came down with it. The follows. Many of the folks who were at the Morralago event the next week is when we went into our lockdown. Now Chili has vaccinated more people quickly than any other country in the Americas. It's been using China's CORONAVIRC vaccine, but their cases have been surging, which leads to questions over whether the vaccine is as effective as desired. Like I say, fifty percent effective against all cases. So there are a lot of breakthrough infections.

However, there's one city in the southeastern part of his old Serrana, which have been ravaged by Covid nineteen book by the time this article was published, all adults have been vaccinated, more than twenty seven thousand people. So in recent weeks, as the vaccine reach more people and statewide restrictions took hold, confirmed monthly cases in Surrana were reduced by more than half, and then the lines of people waiting tomvental edges at hospitals vanished and ten days went by without a single coronavirus hospitalization. So the bottom line is that even though the vaccine is only partially effective, it does help reduce infections, cases and deaths. The third article in the series is from hungry. This is from April. First. Hungry, despite having one of the world's worst per capital death rates, plans to ease restrictions. And then Novak of the New York Times throughout the article. As of watch thirty one hungry fatality rate of two hundred fourteen point seven four hundred thousand was exceeded only by the Czech Republic among the OECD's thirty seven members. However, after a month of lockdown measures to combat the virus, Prime Minister Victor Orband moved to reopen in society. Quote, infections of widespread and lockdowns or curbs can only slow the spread, but they can't stop them. Mr Organser, mass vaccination, in his opinion, is the only way to bring the suffering to an end. So we downplayed the death poll and the impact that was having on the nation's struggling hospitals. Unfortunately, the independent news meeting and hungry is not permitted access to hospitals, nor are health care workers allowed to speak with the journalists on the record. Healthier ads works argue that the high death rate has been a worse by the broad structural mismanagement of the government response, and that's been compounded by the burdens placed...

...on the health system. That is sadly and grossly understand so our take sadly, the Brazil, India and hungry articles illustrate once again that when politics trump public health, people perish needlessly. Ed Onto you, thanks, Johnan. The next article that we'd like to talk about is entitled perspective. Sums administrators confirmation hearing highlights Congress's desire to expand tell a health coverage. Was Written by Nick Hut of the Health Finance Management Association and appeared on April Twenty one. In the confirmation hearing for Ta Key to Brooks Lesure, the nominee for cms administrator, it became clear that telehealth will be a key part of Medicare and Medicaid policy. Senate Finance Committee Chair Roun Widen, a Democrat from Oregon, said during the hearing as a result of the pandemic, we've removed some of the road blocks for people to actually get a telehealth provider. We're going to have to make these kinds of changes permanent, in addition to working on the critical reimbursement issue. Other committee members, including ranking member Mike Crappo, a Republican from Idaho, echoed his comments, noting that it is an area of potential bipartisan agreement. Senator CRAPPO is also concerned about reducing the cost of drugs. He believes it's important to do so, but in doing that, he believes we should maintain the independence of pharmaceutical companies and their interest in developing new drugs and treatments for future diseases. Other policy areas that were discussed during the hearing included surprise billing, prescription drug pricing and the impact of deferred care caused... the pandemic. Senator Robert Mendez, at Democrat from New Jersey, cited a study showing primary care visits declined by twenty one percent in a second quarter of two thousand and twenty when compared with the previous two years. Our next article actually builds on what Senator MINUDEZ was concerned about during the hearing. The title of this article is from rocking teeth to advanced cancer, patients feel the effects of treatment delays, by Bruce Albert of the Kaiser Health News and this was published on the twenty of April. He reported that as vaccinated Americans resumed routine medical care, doctors and dentists are seeing the realities of pandemic delay. Prevention and emergency care, along with the stress that's related to ailments they are finding in more advanced cancer and cardiac disease and rotting and damage teeth. Several specialties were quoted in the article and we'd like to cover several of them with you because it tells you the magnitude of this problem in preventive and emergency care. The first we'd like to point out is from Dr Brian Raw. He's the chair of the cardiology department a Montana's billings clinic. He was concerned because some patients arrived hours after feeling chess pains because they were afraid of contracting covid nineteen by going to the hospital. He said, for a heart attack patient, the first hour is known as the Golden Hour. From another perspective, of Detroit pediatrition Dr Gerald Mosby points out that his young patients are suffering more stress, more depression and weight gain when compared with times before the pandemic. And in Arkansas, optometrist Matthew Jones is seeing much more Ey strain because people...

...are spending so much time in front of their computer screens. We also would like to share with you that Dr Jp Valen, the chief clinical officer at SCL health, of Colorado and Mentana said that he is kept awake at night by delays in important medical tests. He said people put off routine breast examinations and they are going to be some cancers hiding that are not going to be identified, potentially delaying intervention. He also expressed his concern that patients with the append the situs symptoms like abdominal pain, fever and nausea aren't seeking timely treatment. A burst appendix involves more risk and a longer hospital stay than treatment when the pain and the fever currently appear. And there's also a recent American Dental Association and survey that found more than seventy percent of member dentists reported an increase in patients grinding or clenching your teeth since covid. More than sixty percent report and increase in other stress related conditions such as chipped and cracked teeth. We also know that some providers report returning to pre covid office visit levels and others still face covid resistance. Dr Gupta of the Gupta Gastro in Brooklyn and far rockaway New York has said our patients are still avoiding getting the care they need. No matter the safety precautions that are in place. Our take on this is that until America achieves heard immunity, many patients will continue to differ care, likely resulting in higher mortality rates, longer hospital stays and billions in additional costs for our healthcare system. So it's extremely important for each of us to go to the doctor when we need to, either for a normal exam or...

...because we have some healthcare concern that should be addressed. Thank you. Add according to the CDC's data, as of yesterday, two hundred and thirty seven million doses of vaccine have been administered to Americans. But that's still not enough, for while the US appears to be winning the vaccine versus variance race to recovery, it's still too soon to declare victory. We've seen evidence now that vaccines supply is exceeding demand. Whenever missing that two and a half million doses a day. That's down from well over three million over the past couple of months. It's so millions more of our adult Americans need to be inoculated in order to reach that herd immunity. Whether it's a joints for JAB's paid time off or a crispy cream donor of the day in Cleveland. Keep those shots happening so that America may be able to declare independence from covid nineteen on July four. Thanks for listening. Please take a moment to complete our brief survey to let us know your thoughts on the future American healthcare. The future podcasts will share feedback on issues that include universal healthcare versus Medicare for all. The I go on, Hudsonson, all care plan, prescription drug pricing until health coverage. If there are issues of particular interest that you would like to see covered, please feel free to contact us between now and the next podcast. Wash your hands, watch your distance and, even if you're fully vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask indoors. If you want to join our railing list, text heal healthcare to two, two eight, two eight to get started. See you next time. Thank you for listening to the three minuter read podcast. My colleague, at Ikorn is co founder of the healing American Healthcare Coalition and CO author of healing American healthcare, of plan to provide quality for all while saving one trillion a year. Ed began his healthcare career over forty years ago as a medical device product development engineer. He's been director of...

...research and development for Kidney Dialysis Company. He helped found a successful mobile medical testing business and served as a senior executive for a chain of medical imaging centers. Ed founded many linked consulting in two thousand and eight to advise medical societies and commercial clients on marketing and strategic planning projects. He can be contact at Ed period I corn e Seeho or in ant medilink and me dilink Groupcom I'm John Doltan F Hfm A. that's fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Senior Advisor Emeritus at Bessler and executive director of the healing American Healthier Coalition. From a former Healthcare Financial Management Association Chapter President, National Board member and the two thousand and one Morgan Award winner for lifetime achievement and healthcare financial manny. I serve on the Finance Committee a children specialized hospital and was named two thousand and Seventeen Hospital trustee of the year by the New Jersey Hospital Association, and I can be contacted that. Jj Dalton one at Verizon dotnet.

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