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The Healing American Healthcare Podcast

Episode 20 · 4 months ago

COVID Update: Where We Are & What's To Come


Ed Eichhorn and John Dalton of The Three Minute Read™ share what we know about the new Delta variant of COVID-19 and its projected effects across the nation. They also look back on how far we've come since the start of the pandemic and the lingering symptoms Americans are currently experiencing.


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Welcome to the treatment read podcast,i'm john dalton, editor of the twice monthly newsletter of the healingamerican healthcare coalition join me. Once again, is it i corn thecoalitions, co, founder and co, wather of healing american health care a planto provide quality here to all, while saving one tho in the year hi john together, we have nearly a century ofhealth care experience and we're still trying to figure it out. We can findour background in contact intimation at the end of the podcast and night launched the three minuteread in march, two thousand and twenty to summarize some of the criticalissues affecting busy coonitis and physicians as they've struggled to theanden today, eighteen months into the worst global pandemic and more than acentury, we're here to discuss our thirty fifth issue of the three memoryas a real treat for our readers and listeners. We also have compiled aspecial import to share with you a look back at the past eighteen months andsome of the highlights and blow lights. So, let's again, the july first issuesummarized six recent articles on three topics. The first topic was thepotential threat being caused by the delta varian. That first surfaced inindia, and we discussed that on our prior podcast at the end of april. The way is information on longa ovid.Unfortunately, once you over the infection, you may not be over thedisease, and the third is the alarming decrease in american life expectantcity as a result, in part of the pandemic. The special report, on theother hand, focuses on the thirty seven member nations of the organization ofeconomic cooperation and development and how they perform throughout thepandemic, thus far, including a deeper dive into american performance. So, let's begin by looking at thethreat posed by the delta varia, first to articles from fox news, titledelta, covin nineteen variant doubles risk of hospitalization compared toalpha string. A scottish study finds it was written by alexandria, hin and thepublic hello. Scotland can pile the reporter so conducted from april firstof june, six, two thousand and twenty one the study before the act, the deltavarian, which first learned was be one point. Six point: seven point two hadbecome a dominant train in scotland and was about twice as likely to result inhospitalization than the alpha varian the when we first sidonia is being onepoint, one point: seven, that's the one away began raging in brickland yousenter last year in january this year, but the world have organization now hasstarted to use great letters to denote the variants. The deliverin was more prevalent inyounger and more alfon groups than others, and both the astros entic, an fiervimen tech vaccines did cut the risk of infection and asiasat on due to thedelta varian. But study did not have any information on the maduro vaccinebecause that's not on they used in the united kingdom, but both the asresented and fise violent tech appear to be effective against the delta arian. He anti. Their study was published junefourteenth and the lancet a prestigious british medical journal, and in thatarticle the authors commented quote. Given the observational nature of thesedata, estimates of vaccine effectiveness need to be interpretedwith caution. The next article on the delta ariancomes from the world health organization or from cnbc as the worldhealth organization says, delta is the fastest and fittest cood variant andwill quote pick off the most volere and... written by berkeley level as juniorand in the photo. You see, dr michael ryan, from the world healthorganization. It was first identified in india, butthe delta variant has now spread to ninety two countries, replacing thehighly contagious alpha varium that has we know early en, swept the courseeurope and then later in the us earlier this year, according to attack to michael ryan,who is executive director of world health, comunications healthemergencies program and a very prominent figure throughout this span.Dinner quote this particular delto variant is faster. It is fitter. Theywill pick off the more vulnerable more efficiently than previous variants.That's a fib, a long fire ryans and world leaders and public healthofficials can help defend the most vulnerable through the donation anddistribution of colin vaccines. He described the fact that we have agas quote: a catastrophic won failure e at a global level. We concurred withthe release of this article, the bidinadministration, annouced ation of fifty five million vaccine doses that he bilsnas prior to the article. Most of them will be distributed to kovacs the whobacked immunization program, and you have an up thing. Yes, i think it'simportant to share that at the g seven summit that occurred after thisinterview, president biden agreed to dosages to five hundred million withtwo hundred million going out before the end of two thousand and twenty oneand another three hundred million going out next year and the united stateswill also donate four billion dollars to kovacs to help cover the cost ofdistribution and administration of the vaccines. So it's a great increase andin addition to that, the g seven nations agreed to match the unitedstates donation, and these two large donations will go a long way tobeginning to help the at nations that are lower middle income nations tovaccinate their populations at ten. The final article on thedeltoid comes from the associated press. They've concluded that nearly all covindeaths in the us are now among the unvaccinated was written by carlock,johnson and mike stubby, and the image is that a doctor brochel wolinsky, thecurrent head of the sentis with disease control and prevention. The ais analysis of availablegovernment digit from may shows that breakthrough infections and fullyvaccinated people a counted for fewer than twelve hundred of the more thaneight hundred fifty thousand ovid nineteen hospitalizations as a verysmall decimal freshin and, as you know, great doing, fessions are when avaccinated person contracts, the particular disease that've beenvaccinated against in all of the vaccines. There are some level ofbreakin infections. The good news is that they typically are relatively mildand sometimes a symptomatic, unlike being infected when you're unvaccinated deaths in the us have pommee from apeak of more than thirty four hundred a day on average in the january, to lessthan three hundred per day now, and that's good news set so really pushingthe curve down. Only about a one hundred and fifty you maze more thaneighteen thousand covin. Nineteen deaths were in fully vaccinated people.Some more than ninety nine per cent of covin nineteen des in the us now are,among the unvaccinated cdc said, directed doctor rochelle. Ashe said during the white house, coronaviruses briefing that the vaccineis so affected. That quote nearly every death, especially among the guls yuga.Nineteen, is at this point entirely preventable. She called such deaths,particularly tragic experts predict that preventable deathswill continue with unvaccinated pockets...

...of nation having outbreaks next farland winter. The university of washington ismodeling suggests that the us will have a thousand deaths per day next winter,and you had to call that was last spring spring of two thousand andtwenty, that the university of washington is inster. Health, metrics,cavis, modeling, forecast of somewhere between a hundred thousand than twohundred and forty thousand deaths and merican with mitigation strategies, andthat's pretty much got shot the trump ministah into some awareness that thiswar there was a serious event that were fighting or take heed. Your doctor's life savingadvice. If you haven't already done so get vaccinate the life you say may beyour own and you got an update. Yes, cnn recently interviewed dr fauci, andhe warned that there man shouldn't be two americas as the divide widensbetween vaccinated and unvaccinated areas with the delta varian accountingfor more than a quarter of covin nineteen cases. Dr fauci warns thattheir sou could be two americas, one where most people are vaccinated andanother where a low vaccination rates could lead to spites and cases. Thestark disparity between low and high vaccination areas is something doctor.Fouche is very concerned about, as he told the cnn's don lemon on his recentinterview, and you know this underlines the importance of trying to reach herimmunity. Theoretically, this occurs when seventy to eighty percent of anation's population are vaccinated and it occurs in areas and would spreadacross the country in the united states. The northeast looks like it's gettingclose to her immunity and so are some areas on the west coast, but the southcentral states of the united states have very lowvaccination rates, andthis is the concern that dr falchi has about two americas and in fact, giventhe spread of the dealt the virus. That john has been reporting on today. Ifyou look at the two week, growing average, as reported in the new yorktimes today, is the first day in a very long time that the average actually hasgone up by fifteen per cent, and it should be an area of concern for publichealth officials throughout the nation, but especially in those states withvery low vaccination rates. Thank you a so as dr mike ryan saidit's the fastest and the fittest and as is flying fast, so our next topic looksat once. You've beaten the infection is the game over not that this. This isfrom cnbc on june, seventeenth, new covin study, hence at a long term rossand brain tissue factor, scott potley warns coved in the brain, so starting anew study from the united kingdom for our fda, directed dr scott gobley,warned it out the potential for long term brain loss. Post coin he stated quote. The study suggeststhat there could be some long term loss of grandish tissue from ovid, and thatwould have some long term consequences. Uk study examined brain imaging beforeand after coronta infection and look specifically at the potential effect onthe nervous system. Gotleib hat the destruction of braintition could explain why covin patients lost their sense of smell, as wereported earlier. The anas me or the loss of the sense of smell was one ofthe key edition that patient a person was infected with ovid next to the cdc recognizes ovid longhalls they finally a viciated new guys for treating coved nineteen wrong holesand they warn against relying on labs and imaging results along as galipot atmost of the evidents. They look that...

...were imaging results. This was writtenby dave. U eo of for self here and appeared on june. Seventeenth cnc has released in term guidance forthose health care riders, treating patients, wit, postcode conditions. Thelong all conditions are a wide range of physical and mental health issues thatsometimes persist for or more weeks after, a coe, h, nineteen and fiction. According to the cdc many of thepatients post, coven conditions can be managed by primary care providers.That's a good indication because most of us do have a primary care, physician,recoordinate ark here and their excess when we need specialized the assistancewrong. Covin conditions include hard, computations, cognitive impairment orbrain fog, insomnia, diarrhea and post exertional, males at worsen symptomsfollowing physical or mental exertion. The cdc warned against relying ondiagnostic results as the only means of assessing the vasions condition. Aquote. Lack of laboratory or imaging aenea ties does not invalidate theexistence, severity or importance of the patience, symptoms or conditions. The agency said it quote, will continueto work in collaboration with federal state, local academic and communitypartners to better understand the long term effects of stars cove toconfection. Concurrently, the articles side hasstudied by fair health, fair elf, as an enormous database of health insuranceclaims that they mind continually to determine and analyze their variousconditions. Their study found that was a twenty three percent of patients whohad a covin nineteen affection, experienced one or more post covinconditions, thirty days after their initial diagnoses. So while they beatthe infection, they still had some residual effect, so paying breathingdifficulties, hypolyte or high cholesterol, melanes and fatigue, andher pretension with the five most common post, covin conditions andalarme were more common among the females than males the infections. Aswe've learned, all e the course of the pandemic tend to hit males harder, butthe post cope conditions seem to be much more prevalent among females thanmales this. They also found a higher risk of mortality after a cud trantem ar tak for nearly one out of four covinsurvivors beating the infection is not the end of the battle. The warcontinues. Her some symptoms continue to persist and may last four yearspreventing the next pandemics should be the number one priority on america'spublic health agenda and ed. I think you have an update to add yes, when wethink about one out of four being a long haulers. I don't think that bringsthe reality to the forefront. So i basically one in four or twenty threepercent of the patients who developed long hall. Symptoms means that betweenseven and nine million americans are suffering with long hall symptoms, andthis is a very difficult large number, as it needs a great deal of care, andhopefully the researchers and physicians treating them will help themto eliminate their symptoms earlier rather than later, but that still avery large number of people, a suffering after having the covininfection yeah, the three men are read: first, not in this issue. Back inaugust of two thousand and twenty in an article i described a thirty eight yearold british neuroscientist, who was unable to return to work even at thetime of the publication, the article she a brilliant woman suffering frombrain fog as a post called sydra, don't have any updates as to whether shefinally shed the symptoms. But this is not new news. That issue also had anarticle from a sina in new york.

Talking about setting up clinics, iwant ut to deal with wrong cold symptoms, so this is one of thelingering effects of the covin pandemic. The final topic in this issue, a threeminute read, deals with the alarming job in us life expectancy. This is fromnpr an article inside on the pandemic, ellent to the biggest drop us lifeexpectancy since world war. Two study finds is written by alison orbar fromnpr on june. Twenty third, two thousand and twenty one, and they tracked below,is kind of small, but you can see the outrent. The blue line is composite ofhigh in combinations and the green line, unfortunately, is america and, as youcan see we picked about here and the then flat line than we've been in adecline and alarming decline. This tit was polishing, the british and medicaljournal, and it indicates that life expectancy in the us has declined fromseventy eight point: nine years in two thousand and fourteen to seventy sixpoint. Nine years at year, end of two thousand and twenty african americans and hispanicamericans were especially hard hit. That declines of three point three andthree point: nine years respectively, study of author stamos from beforevirginia comet university of medisin. He stayed quote. We have not seen adecrease like this since world war. Two, it's a horrific decrease and lifeexperience well further noted that destructionsand behavioral health and chronic disease management during the course ofthe, and that i have contributed to the decline. Was it gardis, chair of the departmentof population health sciences at duke university school, the medicinecommented quote. It is impossible to look at these findings and not see areflection of the systemic racism in the united states doctor richard besser president. Therode wood johnson foundation here on christen new jersey, said quote. Thisstudy further destroys the myth that the united states is the healthiestplace in the world to live. For example, life expectancy in princeton new jersey,a pro not only write community is fourteen years higher than trenton newjersey, a predominantly black calatin o city. Only fourteen miles away.Fourteen years in indifference, an life expectancy, the us has been losing ground and theywithout the wealthy countries, said mc galley, barbury of the university ofcalifornia, berkeley in editorial that was published alongside the new state well concluded quote, the us has someof the best hospitals and some of the greatest scientists, but othercountries do far better in getting quality metal medical care to theirpopulation. We have big gaps in getting cared to people who needed most whenthey needed most and artan. For fascinated americans, thecovin nineteen pandemic appears to be under control, but what a toll it istaken, especially among communities of color at december thirty, first, two thousandand twenty three hundred forty three thousand eight hundred eighteenamericans had perished more than two hundred and sixty thousand have diedsince then, so us live expectancy. It will continue to ply as your register.I've alten stated that america has the most thoroughly trained physicians andthe best liquid hospitals in the world, but does not produce health firstpopulation. That has to change that. I i think this is really importantinformation and the decline is, as you said, is going to continue. It's astartling difference when you consider a place like princeton is only fourteenmiles from trenton and the life expectancy is fourteen years longer themoving health care to people that need it needs to be part of the work of thecurrent congress and there are bills being considered a now to expand anddevelop a public option and to get... care to more people around ournation to help stem the tide of a shorter life expectancy. Well, that's in for the o june issue,but we have a special tree for our readers and listeners, a look back atthe global pandemic and how various oec, the member countries, as well as someothers, have managed, or in some cases, mangle their response to the pandemic.We'll stop on looking at the time line as the pandemic hit the world, then keydata from fourth of the following days april: thirty, two tousand and twenty,which is one hid, and i began tracking some of the data june thirty tendanthalf way through the year year and december thirty, first and then fastforward to where we were. As of june thirty, we celebrate the new year oftwo thousand and twenty within an ascent from december thirty. First, twothousand and nineteen the government in wool- hand. China concerned the healthauthorities were treating dozens of cases of a pneumonia of unknown origin.So, three weeks later, the us saw his first confirm case in washington. Statewas a man in the thirties, a devolved symptoms after returning through andand shortly thereafter. I think all of us can remember seeing the amos ispulling up in front of the nursing home and kirken washington rode. The firstmajor outbreak had occurred january thirty, two thousand and twenty.The world health organization declares a global health emergency named withdisease covin nineteen and the way they naming a convention is hiscoronaviruses ese discovered in two thousand and nineteen ebrard. Twenty twenty. More than twopoint, two million travelers arrived in new york from new yorke, some alreadyinfected with a novel corona virus on large fifth here in new jersey,confirmed our first case immediately. They're have to met o new york, joinedmalan and madrid as the global epicenter of the pandemic. I don'tthink an any of us will ever forget the ambulances and coll stories forfrigerator bind up outside of queen hospital center in elmhurst, andthe shortage of pp and the frontline heal cork is doing their best to treatpatients with this disease that looked and acted far different from any thatwe have seen before. On march thirty. First, two thousandand twenty president trump projects up to twohundred and forty thousand corona virus tes, even with mitigation of hers,iners of washington of health metrics have done their modeling and theirworst case scenario with mitigation efforts was two hundred and fortythousand deaths in a mar. Thirtie began monthlytracking of confirmed cases and deaths for the thirty seven member ations ofthe organization for economic corporation and development. That isthe organization of all of the developed countries in the world whohave met sarian economic criteria and applies for a membership. So, let's look at where we were as april thirty, two thousand andtwenty three major points to remember the for macic, rom countries, japan oraustralia, south korea and new zealand were at the top of the chart, alongwith slovakia, the slow vace and colombia and stop america. The us range twenty nine out of thirtyseven. While i had a sweeten sweden mangles, there attempted telle with avandeman. They first decided to try to establish her immunity in her minibecause everybody gets disease and then you're immune, but i think, what'srealizing just how legal the disease was. The sweden changes course, butthey were lasting, mong. The four norty countries behind finland, denmark andno- and they remain last, although, as you see later on, the four northerncountries as a whole have done quite well in coping with the pandemic.

The worst angler was belgian and if youlook at the chart, the left and side is the vital a for a hundred thousand fortwenty oecd countries, a range from zero to up to eight hundred thousandmiss members just wallington a man demi so is bells and an nearly seventyfatality ra per thousand, followed by spain and italy, which should youmentioned in the land of the drin, where the initial global of the centersof the bande. So he guys torn on a d, thirty seven at the top of the bottomcourt down of the oecd, two an so here june, thirty, twothousand and twenty here all the updated fatality rates. Now thechartres sera in ninety. Once again, the four pacific room countries andslovakia continued to top the chart. Colby had drop a it in the total surprise, the entire atnew zealand. At that point, pater completely eradicated. Thecoronaviruses then went to seventeen days stretch with no infections. Now,obviously it's isolated, it's an island nation, but they took some very strongsteps early on. They were monitoring what was going onin italy, and they quickly realized that new zealand had a lot of fewer icubest per capita and the idle the rest of the oecd. So they did, they takesome pretty drastic measures pretty early and guess what they worked. The us slept two places to numberthirty one out of thirty seven. The head of france, sweden, italy, spainand the uk uk is another country that kind of stumbled out of the game, but,as you see later, they did recover, but some time further down line. Belgiumremains at the bottom of the parelli margin and we published a couple ofarticles about adelson experience that were despite the leval ty of the infectionin belgian, the hospitals were denied admission to patients, nursing homes.No er fact andes were instructed not to accept critically ill patients fromtheir care homes, which is their equivalent nursing homes, and that iswhat contrite to their higher death poll at that point in time, and i werebetting that nobody was ever going to be belgium, but, as we see later on,some other countries also managed to mangle the response. Now by dune thirtymuch have been learned about colin nineteen on the desperate circumstancesthat we call mid marster the end of april, when metro new york was justburied with the covin cases in new jersey are seen. All those sheepmedical offices were having daily conferences each morning, first thingto compare nose and share what they had learned. So we become much moreeffective in treating the virus once contracted the fatality rates weredeclining, but you still have a great deal to deal with, so we use june, then w thand and twentyas a baseline for looking at subsequent performance by countries and by states so june thirty. This is the first timewe did a deeper dive, appealing back the us res, also looking at individualstates, so enviously sounds selected states and new york city, as in june.Thirty on this chart, the blue bars are the population of the particular state,so so you've got some of them. The more popular states on here of texas,california, florida, georgia, pennsylvania, fust, the northeasternstates that were hardest hit. I don't have louisiana on this track, butthey'd be right here. Around rhode, island massachusetts, louisiana was oneof the non northeast states that s hit hard early with martin role in februarytwo thusan that turned out to me a super spreader event, so the fatalityrates for thousand. We have texas in california and florida washington, allin single digits and while at the other extreme, we have new york, new jerseyand the big apple and new york and...

...jersey broke out about a hundred andfifty hundred and seventy five to a hundred thousand fatality rate alreadyat that point in the pandemic, so you clearly seeing how hard hit the northeast states were in the initial wave of the pandemic in submanifold, see how well or poorlyvarious other states dealt with the challenges. Now, let's fast forward tothe year end, here we have the oecd again with thefour pacific rim, countries or reading new zealand, south red japan onaustralia, continued the top a char. So there's a population, the blue, rareand fatality rate, the goal war. They were join the top ten by four ofthe five scandinavian countries no way iceland, finland and denmark. Swedenactually moved up into the third court tow, but swen still had a mushirfatality. Eighty five point: three four hundred thousand israel, germany and canada- arethirteen fifteen and sixteen respectively kind of whatever reasonshas manisty pandemic well consistently. Throughout germany manage it quite wellthrough the initial nine months of the pandemic, but then, like the rest ofthe central europe, got hit hard with the for surge. That really hurts someof the essential european countries, especially hungary, the check republicastove here in the us as of december thirty.First again we got the the blue bar is population. The gol bar is fatalityraving see the far end. Our new york and new jersey,with the highest pitality rates in the country, follow by massachusetts. Butsome new information, louisiana and northeast continue to beup at the top of the grave, but they were joined by wat, dakota, southdakota, mississippi and some others. There was a sturgis motorcycle rally insouth dakota back in august for ten days and ended up being a super spitterevent on steroids. As a family foundation, at widemarsh, josh michelcommented court, holding a half million person rolling in the midst of a pan.Denner is emblematic of a nation as a whole that maybe isn't a in the novelcorona virus. As seriously as we should end quote on a positive note, indecember of piso bion tech vaccine received an emergency use,authorization from the drug administration. On december eleventhand one week later, maderna received this ea present. Vine was norate onjanuary, twenty, two thousand and twenty one and declared war on thepandemic, but during on the norration day, the death falsers for hundredamericans comparse from disease six months later, totally different picture with someconsistency continue to see the four pacific rim countries containing the pandemic. Although during june we heard concerns aboutsome outbreaks in australia and concerns about some outbreaks in japanwith the depending olympics. Both of those relate to the fact that bothcountries have a very low vaccination rate and as we nother earlier, thedelcour is now spreading like wild fire. So, although those are concerning afence, those countries still lead the world in terms of protecting their residence from theeriland disease. The four scandinavian countriescontinue on the job ten and there follow by turkey, canada and israel.Thus, for first time, moved out of the bord cortile were now twenty eight, anthirty seven. That's the highest ranking we've been able to attain. Oursecond april issue summarized articles about the pandemic that was raging inbrazil, india and hungry at to put those in perspective hungry his last,and he always see the you see what...

...happened between june and decembercountries like savai. The check, ripubliks and hungry, hit very hard bythe four surge managed to surpass. The belgians has worse in the oecd hungry,particularly who are an example of how not to deal with a pandemic and coverthat in detail an article summarize in the air politian, but, let's thinkabout where the they are, and the total picture as brazil and in you are notparded. If india were part of the onct, itscarntall as bad as that disease has been in the country with well overthree hundred thousand one thousand deaths. At this point i probablyunderstand it would have rang eight between fill and an denmark. I would beright around here on the oecd. Rangings brazil, on the other hand, would haveranked franti. Pricilla has had a much higher fatality, two hundred and fortyone point nine hundred thousand. So we would have ranked just about hungry andact the check i double in those raneds. The final sight talk about really looksat the pandemic over time in five major countries and the ocd average. As mostof you know, i've spoken a rin wildly on universal heath system is withparticular business on france, germany and the uk e, which has a differentapproach, but economies and denterai quite similar to ours here in theunited states. So i track those three countries and haddon ed it to theequation for a couple of reasons, one they are nearby neighbors to do and weshare a lot in common in terms of our approaches to democracy, but can i wasalso we kept hearing about in the presidential campaign from centersanders and sindered others about the need to go the medical for and emulatethe canadian system. So let's look at how these countries fair the first timei did this job. I had also included data for the four noting nations. Now,if you think about canada, canvas population is about the same ascalifornia. If you had it before nadina ions, sweden, finland, norway anddenmark, their population is about the same as texas, so it's real to considerputting it on a crack. When i put the aderation on this track, you couldn'ttell the difference with the encanto. The track was exactly the same. Theywont as a group, the four norogna ions and then canta contained the pandemic.Quite well, then we have a full search that really hit everybody. This is thethe fall of two thousand and twenty, but canada continues to do quite wellgenerally early on probably because chase angle marcel is a scientist andwith a lot of credibility, she's just finished a sixteen year term aschancellor. He, germany did very well early on, but again they were hit withthe fall surge that his sentially europe very hard and so they'vestruggled since still doing better r than the always c, the average for french uk and the us uk's aninteresting short to look at, because remember said they stumbled badly outof the gate. I so here they were, they reclining stay. They manage to controlit well during the summer of two thousand and twenty, and this is whenthe alpha varian first appeared in uk ye all very first appear in the uk, sothe alavan infections and fatality race, with climbing a nationaale right abouthere of prime minister bars johnson, implemented a radically very aggressivevaccination program of getting the first vaccine administered and in thatcase, as a far as a bion tech and holly wolf on the second and as you can see,the strategy of the employee worked because since beginning of march, the uk pretty muchhas flat line. But now they combing with the delta vary a is the west ofthe world. But there's it's like the tv..., the negat toes say their ablestories and in the aged city, weller. Probably thirty. Seven differentstories in the owen yu see the huome others and we discussed in three minaere. So tes, that's the picture here we are in theus. Where are we in june thirty back washington state on his chart and theywere the first? We we saw our case and they were the first. Have a majoroutbreak, yet, throughout the pandemic, the state of washington has managed tostay at the bottom of the chart. The us sure some academic or going to studywashings response provides for some information as to what they did tomanage through the pandot so effective, but other states, georgia, nevada,north and south dakota, arizona and mississippi, nor a fatality race abovethe us average of honey. Nine point one project thousand, so this is where we are in absolutenumbers, with again new jersey at the high end of the track just for ahundred years in the alas. But what we took a look at this, whathappened between june two thousand and twenty, when we knew what we weredealing with in june, two thousand and twenty one, and that slide shows aslightly different picton. Here we go. This is the change of the talatebetween june, the two thousand and twenty and june thirty, two thousandand twenty one for twelve stays that we track. So i can see that in washington statethe fatalite increased by sixty four hundred thousand in georgia at theother game was almost one hundred and eighty or hundred thousand so mentally. You are the connecticutyour new jersey kept the disease somewhat under control, especially whenyou compare it with state stike, florida, pennsylvania, texas andgeorgia at the far end of the church. So are we haven't track o o fiftystates? It's clear that within the us, washington state probably has done thebest job of all the states and protecting its presidents. The northdecent stays hit heart early on also perform woil during the year that justended tune. Thirty. The goodness is that the latest data indicate that morethan ninety nine percent of current coin, nineteen affections are amongunvaccinated americans. So listen to your doctor's advice, if you haven'talready done so getting vaccinated the like you say, maybe your own a well. I want to thank you, john frombringing up all the statistics that compare the united states with itselfand other nations, and it all goes back to the importance of mitigation. Tobegin with that, we saw done so well in the nations of the pacific rim and thenall of the efforts to vaccinate people in order to bring down the infectionand death rates- and you know it's the same same song- that the public healthofficials it led by dr fouche- have been sharing with us since the verybeginning of this mitigation, without vaccination and in vaccination aftermitigation can bring the pandemic to an end. But that can't happen unless wehave great deal of cooperation among the public health officials around theunited states and around the world. Thanks at in our previous podcast, wetalked about a survey and asked a lot of you participate. Well, the healingamerican health care coalitions. Health care coverage survey report isavailable at our website. I, yes, that's an. I just point outjohn, that one of our future podcast will go through the data that welearned through. That survey well continue to cover it. The topics thatwe've covered today and if there a particular interest that you'd like tosee us pro, please feel free to contact us and we'll see you next time. I.

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