The Healing American Healthcare Podcast
The Healing American Healthcare Podcast

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Introduction to The Healing American Healthcare Podcast


The creators of the Healing American Healthcare Coalition™ introduce "The Healing American Healthcare Podcast". In order to continue keeping people informed about healthcare news, this podcast will feature 5-10 minute article reviews and discussing important issues.

Hi, my name is Ed ICORN. I'm the president of the Betty Link Consulting Group LLC, and in March we launched the healing American healthcare coalition with a website at healing American healthcare dot Org. We launched the website because, as the pandemic was growing, we felt it was very important to keep physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals aware of changing issues and research reports that would be important for them to know about while they were extremely busy dealing with treating patients suffering from covid nineteen. As a result, we launched the three minute read our coalitions newsletter to keep members informed about key issues. As the name of the newsletter implies, you can read about five or six key articles or research report summaries in about three minutes and if any of them are of great interest to our reader, they just need to click on the title of that item and they can get the full report to studied in more detail. As...

...of now, we have published our newsletter every month, twice a month. Since March we have reviewed more than eighty articles in more than fifty publications to try to save busy people sometime as they try to keep up with what is going on and deal with the very important aspects of treating patients. To continue to keep people informed, we've decided to launch the healing American health care podcast. Once a week, we will spend five to ten minutes in our podcast reviewing important issues that we think everyone ought to know something about. As the new Congress is seated in January, the Congress and the new Senate will have to deal with health care issues caused by the pandemic and the overall need to develop universal healthcare in the United States. When they take up this issue, it will address every American in one way or another. Please join us as we share information through our podcast. Every week, you can check out more...

...about our efforts at healing American healthcare coalition. Our website is healing American healthcare DOT ORG and if you're excited about that, please join the coalition and receive our newsletter twice a month rather than that. Podcast is absolutely free and we look forward to keeping you updated on these important issues that we all must face as twenty twenty one begins. Take Care, stay well, stay safe and we'll contact you real soon.

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